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"Memories are what warm you up from the inside. But they’re also what tear you apart." (Haruki Murakami).

I don’t normally care for the “About Me” rubric, but the possibility to use one has presented itself so I’ll come up with a few lines. I use it on my terms, though. It’s difficult to put a finger on me, but I like a challenge and will give it a shot anyway. Maybe I can’t be bound down by prevailing social norms (Who knows?). So who am I? I was originally built in Poland, but I grew up in Germany and Poland; it's complicated, but it explains something. I live in Hamburg (Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg). Hamburg is a large city with a spread out metropolitan area in Germany. People either love me or they hate me, or they don’t really care... I’m just me. It all adds up somehow. There’s a lot to know about me, but it’s better if you just find out yourself.

I’m deeply disappointed about the political class, society, and the lying media. They disappoint me, regularly. They are plagued, in many ways, by social infection and impotence. An atmosphere of:

1. Self-aggrandizement (in its myriad forms, not just the search for Mammon)

2. War (in myriad forms - watch Legacy by Grzegorz Jonkajtys)

3. Various and sundry shamelessnesses

4. Bigotry

5. Indoctrination, and its false ideologies

6. Disinformation and re-education

7. Obsession with sensations, scandals, and false idols

8. Pollution (the flora & fauna of our environment) is pervasive and unrelenting.

It’s sad and disappointing. And an appeal to the daily news makes it clear that things aren’t going to change. Maybe people are programmed to be this way. Maybe these problems and failings give us something to do. I mean, what would it be like to have a generation of people without problems or mistakes? The question is an interesting and extensive one with several possibilities. Satisfied, unsatisfied? Unsatisfied, satisfied? Just speculation, of course, but still interesting to think about. So what’s your take?

I also declare my mental independence from whatever system is attempting to enslave me. I’m also a ponderer, a reader, a writer. These things are important to me. I show, through them, that I have a voice and that I live in freedom. Voice and freedom, independent of all else. By freedom, I mean political and social freedom equally. I realize that such freedom is a luxury enjoyed by a relative few (Europe, the old world, and America (bankrupt nation), the new one) on this little rock we call earth. Simple reading and writing is critical for the personal development and understanding of the world’s people. Many people can do neither. Perhaps, they choose not to. They have no opinions and understand very little. Their existence is normal and unstimulating. Base consumption is their only apparent goal, and I can’t identify with them, thank goodness! I wish people would read books, but they don’t. Most people don’t even read. And there are many who don’t care.

The daily tabloid media avoids reality at all costs. It displays only a false and virtual reality. Life is another such reality for me. The daily, dominating dialogue is largely irrelevant. The conversation around the water cooler consists mostly of such tedious tripe as: The recent vacation to the same old tourist trap, shopping, fast food, vulgar language, alcohol, television (and its newest, most mediocre catch phrases), unintelligent and uninteresting celebrities, lying ad, tabloids, gossip, soccer, and the latest, mass-manufactured pop music. Everything is so shallow and noncommittal. Discussions about history, social phenomena, foreign affairs (including, especially, the eastern and Asian world), literature, fairy tales, lost childhood, environmental issues or science are few and far between.

It’s too bad, really. I don’t want to end up like that. I’d be ashamed of myself for missing out on so much. I’ll never be that shallow or noncommittal. So whether I’m behind a lens, writing on my blog, or tucking memories away in my heart for later, this is just me exploring, living, enjoying the colors of my life... and sometimes I’m simply in a whole new world of my own. Sincere and dedicated.

If you’ve questions or comments, comments or concerns, drop me a line at the address below. I’m always delighted to see a new message in my inbox! I’ll attempt not to scare you too much. Your comments and messages let me know what you do (and don't) like, and encourage me to continue working, writing, publishing on this site, and to keep this site running 24/7, 365.

Perhaps, you could at least take a quick look at it. I shall be delighted:

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Life is a succession of moments: Vivifying vastness!

Made by friendship and love! We belong together always and forever. Thank you very much indeed! You know who you are, you amazing beings!

Please think about your health status. There are many reasons to change your behavior because a lot of them affect many areas of your health and well-being. Get a copy of your own insight to health and guide for adults to get further information and enlightenment, but be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint. And kill your television! I hate it! I don’t own a TV either and I think it’s fantastic! Well, that’s enough for now I suppose. If you want to know more about me, just ask.

"There is one purpose to life and one only: to bear witness to and understand as much as possible of the complexity of the world - its beauty, its mysteries, its riddles. The more you understand, the more you look, the greater is your enjoyment of life and your sense of peace. That’s all there is to it. If an activity is not grounded in 'to love' or 'to learn,' it does not have value." (Anne Rice, born Howard Allen O’Brien)

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