I have a library of licensed songs from Triple Scoop Music. Triple Scoop Music is the acclaimed music licensing site featuring songs and soundtracks for photographers, videographers and so on. TSM let's you buy rights to a song. Say hello to TSM. You need louder sound from the speakers, so make it loud - Enjoy! I want to make more videos like this! Well, I hope you'll enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them. I plan on uploading a few more new ones soon. So please be patient! By the way, I love going back and watching my old videos! Except the part with... ^_^ so watch and discover!

Currently available:

Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg

Niederegger & Hanseatic City of Lübeck

Berlin, neighborhood bliss

Ohlsdorf Cemetery in Hamburg

Hanover Zoo

Stacja Warszawa

Little Town Schwerin

Krakow, a medieval city

Hamburg and its heydays - Re-edited!

Dresden deserves to be remembered

A given gift! She knew she was happy, and knew she ought to be happy!

Smiling Taiwan Kawaii re-edited!

Berlin, neighborhood bliss 2

Saint Petersburg, moments pass, memories remain

Lovely moments in Thailand re-edited

Lovely Bangkok - a part of your happiness

Hamburg - downtown on a snowy day

Hamburg - downtown on a snowy day - Christmas edition

Museums, moments and art in between

Hamburg moments!

In Transit Recall the past, by Adi Kaneda

Tierpark Hagenbeck

Ohlsdorf Cemetery

Bangkok through and through - beyond our expectations

the botanika in bremen

Mercurial you

Mercurial you - Extended version

Hours in Kiel

Green with less disruptions

Dresden and Leipzig in December

Heidelberg haunts

Heidelberg haunts 2

Cycling in the heat

Drawings by Tom

Dance aerobics until the sun goes down

Adi ventures forth

Mother nature in Bangkok

Cycling tour from Lauenburg to Hamburg

Haseldorfer Binnenelbe to Hamburg

As winter is approaching

Above and Beyond

Slice of heaven called Majorca

Cycling for pleasure

Llamas are quirky


Swiss moments


Club Olympus

Family day

Keep pedaling around Hamburg

Weather and Climate

Strida in Hamburg


Strida nature

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